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Cirrus8 is a cloud based, property management and accounting software platform that makes managing your commercial, retail and industrial property portfolios a breeze.

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Commercial Property Management Solutions
Providing your team with efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration.

Packed with features that you'll love

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic reminders of important dates
  • Smart search enables quick access to information
  • Straight-forward budget preparation
  • Seamless tenant and owner liaison
  • Easily view the status of work in real-time
  • Owner reports are easy to understand
  • Direct access to information via owners' portal
  • Critical dates are well-managed, reducing the chance of being missed
  • Accountants love the BAS(GST) reporting
  • Integration with owners' accounting systems
  • Works beautifully with multiple monitors
  • Built in cash and accruals accounting
  • Online forms eliminate double handling
  • Flexible reporting options - online, pdf, excel
  • Outgoing reconciliation reports
  • Extensive online help and support documentation
  • Fully integrated with Cirrus8, the FM Module
  • Integrated dashboard for Facility Managers
  • Gives contractors simple access to all their live work orders through the Supplier Portal
  • Get a comprehensive perspective of FM and building data
  • CAPEX Project management
  • Focus on the impact of Facilities Management on your business
  • Compliance reporting

Commercial Property Management Software

Efficient, User-friendly, Simple

Using the Cirrus8 Property management software dashboard, you can get an overview of your week in a few seconds. You can see the most significant diary entries with links to applicable information. Set a portfolio filter only to show you the data you want to view. Get started with paperless workflows by accessing virtual forms and easy contact management.

You can access all your documents and other files from the Cirrus8 cloud-based storage. The Cirrus8 dashboard is your assistant. It helps you work smarter and more efficiently.

Central Dashboard

AI Automation

"You get more done in less time."

Yes, as part of our Automated Invoicing technology, it reads and codes invoices using cutting-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition mixed with AI). We use algorithmic machine learning as part of our technology.

The benefits are accuracy and speed. You can quickly invoice customers with higher accuracy than our competitors. We also save time by not having to code invoices with our invoicing technology manually. Our clients can benefit by receiving their invoices faster than if we had to manually input them into our system.

AI Automation

Accounting Systems

"Knowledge is power."

Cirrus8 is well-versed in commercial property management accountancy. A full General Ledger enables thorough property accounting from beginning to end. In addition, Cirrus8 handles all heavy liftings, saving you money on accountancy expenses.

Budgeting, improved analysis, and decision-making are made easier with clever automation and time-saving shortcuts, allowing your team to focus on high-value, strategic work - an online collaboration with key stakeholders.

Accounting Systems

Trust Accountants

Flexible, Intuitive, Powerful

Property management solution reporting - provide your stakeholders with the most flexibility. You can control which reports are appropriate for their specific needs. Reporting that is quick, accurate, and easy to read and understand - payment processing software.

Customisation - allow your users to customise their view of the system you provide support for. They can customise their view of the data and information that is important to them.

Trust Accountants


"We believe that technology should work for you."

Cirrus8's property management owner portal provides landlords and joint venture partners with an unprecedented online view of their commercial real estate property portfolios.

Read Only: The portal integrates with Google Maps to offer an easy-to-use virtual repository for all individual portfolio information.

All property documentation "lives securely on the cloud" and may be viewed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.

"We're here to help you grow!"

Our priority is the protection of your data. There has never been a more critical time to guarantee the security of your data. As a result, Cirrus8 real estate property management software follows best-in-class security practices.

It essentially refers to our software's ability to handle rising amounts of data without slowing down or needing to be updated, which is critical for conserving time and money.

Automation is a critical component of scalable reporting to achieve scalability, the ability to centralise your leasing efforts.

Scalability & Security
Cost-effective, Efficient, Timesaving

The FM and FM Plus is an addon Module fully integrated with Cirrus8, which provides contractors with easy access to all their active work orders via the Supplier Portal. The property management dashboards are simple to read. Populate CirrusFM with properties and suppliers straight from Cirrus8 - no double data entry required.

Secure encrypted passwords with different access levels. Orders can be quickly and easily produced by using simple forms. Orders are then emailed to contractors for online response. Priority settings ensure that important requests are processed as soon as possible.

Active Facility Management

What our clients are saying

"Cirrus8 is intuitive, easy to navigate and user friendly. Learning how to use the software has been straightforward. The features have allowed our agency to increase efficiencies and refine our procedures and workflows. For example, the add-on for the Automated Invoicing has streamlined our office accounts processes and freed up time to work on other tasks. Even something as simple as amending an invoice or the ability to configure property management fees to charge at set dates at different rates is a breeze. This has enabled our office to reduce procedural steps and double handling and increase our quality control processes."
Thi Phan
Thi Phan
Trust Accountant
MLV Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
"Love being able to work from the cloud, really made WFH during COVID more manageable. The Support team is so responsive, absolutely love them. It's also great that the product is constantly being improved/updated for functionality, etc. I've recently started my own real estate business and it was a relief to know that Cirrus8 is not cost-prohibitive for a small portfolio."
Natalie Shawcross
Natalie Shawcross
Director - Commercial
"Experience has been great, always developing and adding enhancements to the system. We switched to Cirrus8 because of the current features on offer at the time of switching, full accrual module which a lot of other systems couldn't do."
Phill Harrison
Phill Harrison
Head of Asset Management
Burgess Rawson
"Exceptional, understanding and supportive. Great delivery and implementation. It's an easily scalable system that can be set up as easily or intricately that you like. There's an abundance of reports and KPI's plus a very easy way of tracking g all the myriad of tiny details within our industry."
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes
Hayes Commercial
"Cirrus8 is a very user friendly commercial property management system. Dedicated support staff are very helpful and friendly and have a very prompt turn around time on any queries. Their software development is always evolving to keep up with market demands and latest trends. The product is designed specifically for commercial property management. It is web based so can be easliy accessed and used in many cases. The drop down menus make for easy use and the number of reports, both property and financial, that can be generated provide accurate information both user and client. The team at Cirrus8 are constantly developing the software and listen to our needs."
Kym Lovett
Kym Lovett
Senior Commercial Property Manager
Civium Commercial
"We have enjoyed using Cirrus and really appreciate the ongoing effort to always improve and add new features to an already well-rounded property management software. The Product is incredibly user friendly and certainly helps to improve efficiencies in every day Trust accounting and Property manager duties. The system and processes just makes sense and in turn makes it easier to train staff how to use."
Toni Yeo
Toni Yeo
Trust Accountant
Tilt Commercial
"Having used our old system for more than two decades, we were hesitant to change. But when we investigated Cirrus8 and compared it with our old system and competitors, we had no doubt that Cirrus8 would give us all the tools we needed to create a competitive edge. Cirrus8 has saved us money and time. We are no longer held back by old technology, with Cirrus8, we know we are always at the leading edge. We highly recommend Cirrus8."
Kim Hastings
Kim Hastings
Trust Accounts & Property Administrator
MMJ Real Estate Wollongong
"Cirrus8 provided exactly what I was looking for and more, while also providing superior reporting & features than its competitors, including integrated Facilities Management software, AI Invoice payment systems, and a number of automated functions that make learning and using Cirrus8 surprisingly easy & efficient. I would highly recommend Cirrus8 to any commercial asset management business big or small as it has the capabilities to manage both large and small assets while being substantially more user-friendly than its competitors."
David Canelas
David Canelas
Director & Principal
HillCo Property Group
"Cirrus8 has successfully provided us the opportunity to manage our commercial & residential property portfolio with ease & simplicity while still providing a robust & compliant package that ticked every box. It was time to move to a system that was easy to use & in turn easy to train our staff, help improve the efficiency in the way we manage our rental properties, provide clear, concise & accurate real-time reporting & finally provide all the technological features in today’s modern business software environment like externally managed cloud-based databases, a browser-based user interface & seamless updates managed externally by the software vendor. Cirrus8 achieved all of this & more."
David Fried
David Fried
Residentia Property Group
"We have taken our business to the next level by partnering with Cirrus8. We have improved efficiencies significantly with this innovative software and it allowed us to accelerate our business growth by improving our business operations, streamlining accounts, identify revenue growth, and elimination of human errors. The dashboard allows for key dates to be constantly monitored and managed and to avoid potential financial losses and management of all key dates. The platform enables business planning, forecasting, long term forecasting, and the valuation feature is extremely advanced. We are particularly impressed and grateful for the hands-on training and ongoing support given to us by the Cirrus8 team."
Ellen Johnson
Ellen Johnson
Director / Development Manager
Johnson Property Group
"Cirrus8 has been a great move for our office. The system is easy to use and the customer support is excellent. The system has intuitive features that enable us to perform efficiently across the board (property management, facilities management and trust accounting). Cirrus8’s evolving software allows us to remain dynamic and offer our clients top service. We would highly recommend checking it out if you are in the market for a new commercial property management software."
Lauren Collins
Lauren Collins
Trust Account Administrator
McGees Property Adelaide
"I do love your system and glad I am getting the hang of it. There are so many benefits I can see since we moved from our previous system."
Dalena Lindstrom
Dalena Lindstrom
General Manager BCOM
Enable Real Estate

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